Sinopac International Corp. (since 1987) in Texas, USA

With Headquarter Building located in 7400 Harwin Drive. Houston, Texas, USA. Sinopac  has been servicing for the industry across Pacific Ocean Rim about 24 years with good reputation and always with good will to work with business partners.

Our main
Business Subjects are as follows:

  1. Marketing Service in NAFTA area from our Houston Office
  2. Global Industrial Service in NAFTA area from our US-Mex Boarder Office
  3. Global Industrial Service in China area from our China Office
  4. Business Service in USA, including help Company to go Public in USA.
  5. Commercial / Residential Property Development / Management

    The ref. website for above mentioned services is,

Currently, We have following property projects available for Investment, Consultancy, Sales, Rent & Employment opportunities. Welcome to visit related page and contact us for further detail information.

1. International Biz Center on Harwin Drive, Houston, Texas
International Biz Center is located at the center of Harwin Drive in Southwest area of Houston, Texas

2. Cleveland Biz Park in Cleveland, Texas
Park Villa , A 30 acres Biz Park Development in Cleveland, TX

3. Splendora Plaza in Splendora, Texas

4 Seasons Plaza is designed for comfortable 4 Seasons shopping,located at intersection of Hwy 69 & East River Drive in Splendora, TX, 
4. Cleveland Plaza in Cleveland, Texas
A future development of 50 acres Plaza on Hwy 59 at Washington Ave turn around area of Cleveland, TX

5. Huntsville Traveler's Village
A future development of 42 acres for 35 mobile homes park, Located on Hwy 190, only about one mile from Waterwood parkway and 13 miles east of Huntsville.
6. International Music Square in Houston, Texas
A Concert Plaza located at center of SW Houston.

7. National Forest Resort Club by Sam Houston National Forest on Cold Spring Road, San Jacinto County, Texas

Only 4 miles west of  Hwy 59,  just in front of Sam Houston National Forest on Cold Spring Road.



8. NAFTA International Park  in Cleveland, TX 
With 481 acres property on Cold Spring Road with nice Access to Hwy 59(69). Many new development will be started soon, including shopping plaza, residential & medical Park.


9. NAFTA Service Park in Yi-Xing, Jiang-Su, China
We offer international service for NAFTA countries business in China, including Product Sourcing, QC, Marketing with our 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Yi-Sing, Giang-Su with our experienced emplyees.


10. NAFTA Service in Reynosa, Mat, Mexico (on US-Mexico Boarder)
5 minutes drive from US-Mexico Border in Reynosa, Mat., Mexico, we have warehouse, office, factory facility for NAFTA industrial service.

To contact us:

Phone: 713-783-3122

Fax: 713-780-4626